Corporate IT Training

As an employer, you are committed to developing your organization and its people.  In order to be competitive and promote a culture of excellence, you want to ensure your employees are well equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute effectively and efficiently to your day to day business activities and take your company forward.

At SkillsBuild Training we can help you achieve these goals.  We provide a full online IT training library where your employees can develop their digital skills.

Our Instructor-led online video training features approved curriculum that aligns with industry recognised qualifications.  This ensures that your employees are studying what is needed to pass the relevant industry exams.

Our courses have two key features (among others) that make learning engaging and effective.

They are:

Live Labs:

  • Different technologies at your employees’ fingertips
  • Real world and exam practical tasks
  • Your employees can collaboration with other like-minded individuals in the technical chat rooms
  • Learners develop their skills with real world practice, no simulations
  • If a mistake is made, the learner has the ability to easily recover
  • Instant access, no scheduling required

Learning Zone mentors:

Your employees will have access to a live subject matter expert no matter where they are – day or night. This level of learner/instructor interaction provides real-time training specific support.  It extends training beyond content and instructor-led solutions by providing flexibility to accommodate individual needs and schedules.

How many employees would you like to train? Which courses do you need?  Simply tell us what your needs are and we will create a custom package that you and your employees will love.

Train your staff with interactive, relevant and high quality content through SkillsBuild Training Today!

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