SkillsBuild Training was founded in 2016 by a Career Coach and an IT Consultant.  With years of industry experience in IT, Education and Coaching, we created SkillsBuild to help individuals develop the skills they need, to not only succeed, but thrive in today’s job market.

For many years we (the founders) helped individuals choose careers, education courses, apply for jobs, and provided tips and tricks for interviewing well.  Over this time, we began to see a difference between those who were successful and those who spent years in low paying and unfulfilling jobs.

We began to see that there was a major trend affecting career progression and this could be easily explained and addressed, so we decided to do just that.

We recognized that the lack of digital skills is a critical missing skill for many individuals, and we aim to close that skills gap.

We love helping others succeed in new careers (and sometimes new Countries).  We took our love for helping, and combined that with our education and experience and launched SkillsBuild Training – An online learning campus.

At SkillsBuild, we understand the value of celebrating humanity, and the different ways in which we learn and grow.  We have taken our education and life experiences and put them into our Company.  We serve learners from differing cultures and educational backgrounds.

We are more than a training provider… we aim to help people develop themselves, and secure the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about.

How We Serve

We offer online video based training in the areas of IT, Communication, and Business Skills. Our videos are interactive and engaging which makes learning fun and lasting.

Our training program uses proven learning methodologies that cater to all learners whether you prefer learning by hearing, seeing or doing.

Helping individuals navigate new job markets, develop their skills, and go on to excel is our passion and purpose.  We are excited to support you in your journey to achieving your dream.

At SkillsBuild Training we believe in equipping learners with the skills they need to go into the world and make an impact.  We aim to be responsive to market trends and offer in demand skills.

We believe each individual has the potential for great impact, and with the right skills and knowledge, they can do just that.

This is why SkillsBuild Training exists.

At SkillsBuild you’re in safe hands.

Giving Back

At SkillsBuild Training we believe that education is the key that unlocks life’s potential.  We fully support pursuing education to improve individuals, families and communities.  Each year we give at least 10% of our profit to charitable organizations who help individuals develop life and academic skills.

Thoughts For The Future

In addition to charitable giving, we feel strongly about developing a Charitable Foundation to help youth, immigrants and underserved individuals develop and thrive in today’s society.  There is great value in impacting our community one person at a time.  When each one, impacts one, together we can foster community connectedness, development and growth, and everyone wins.

Our plan is to each year, give at least 5% of SkillsBuild’s profit to this Foundation to support a Board approved project that meets the Foundations criteria.

You Help While You Learn

Every dollar you invest in your training goes much further than your own education.  Because of our charitable giving, you get to contribute to the education of someone else.  Just by training with SkillsBuild, you are already making your impact!