Whether you are thinking of starting a new career in IT or you are an experienced IT professional, at SkillsBuild Training we cater to every skill level.  We offer a wide array of courses to help you develop the skills you need to secure the type of job you want.

All our courses are instructor-led, and as a learner you will enjoy dynamic training videos that keep your attention while providing education in manageable segments.  We know that work-life balance is important and not everyone can take time out of their schedule to attend live classes.  With our expert instructor-led training, SkillsBuild Training brings the classroom to you.  You can study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace and on any device.

Courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you will never miss, or be late for a training session.  You have full autonomy over how and when you learn.



At SkillsBuild Training you’ll have the opportunity to work independently on your courses, but you will never be alone.  When you sign up for our courses you’ll have unlimited email support to help you with any course enrollment and navigation queries.

That’s not all, once you are enrolled you will also have access to Learning Zone Mentors who will support you with any course queries.  Learning Zone Mentors are available with All In One courses

We are invested in your success, and we know that having support is important to our learners.


Training Modules

SkillsBuild Training courses are unique and relevant.  They contain the information you need to pass certification exams.  By following the approved curriculum of the major IT courses, we aim to provide the appropriate content to help you meet your course and exam requirements.


Expert Lectures

Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts. Our highly certified expert instructors possess a superior understanding of the subject matter in their fields and have the ability to convey knowledge in an engaging, effective and professional manner to a wide audience.


Mobile Access

With our universal course player, you can learn from your computer, tablet as well as mobile devices. Keep up with your training anytime, any space, any platform, any pace!



Each course comes with a printable workbook that makes it easy to take notes as you learn. They also include a review quiz answer key, complete with answer explanations.


Certificates of Completion

Once you complete a series of courses, you can earn a certificate of completion from SkillsBuild Training. Certificates of Completion will display your full name, course completed, as well as the date of completion. You will have the ability to print this out or save it digitally to showcase your accomplishment.


Learning Labs

To better enhance your learning experience, All In One courses are available with Live Labs.  These labs will give you real world hands on experiences so you can deepen and demonstrate your understanding of the course topics.

When you enroll in a SkillsBuild Training course package you will have access to the training module for an entire year.  That gives you plenty of time to learn, practice and pass your exams.


Review Quizzes

Once a course is completed, you can test your knowledge by taking our course review quiz! You have the ability to retake any review quizzes as many times as you wish to ensure you understand the material or to improve your scores.


Final Exams

Upon full completion of a training series, you can take a Series Final Exam.  These exams are designed to test your knowledge on all the information learnt within a series of courses. As a SkillsBuild Training learner, you have the ability to retake any final exam as many times as you wish to ensure you understand the material or to improve their score.


Our Confidence

At SkillsBuild Training we stand behind our training and service, and we want to ensure you succeed.  We believe once you complete the training, exercises and labs you will have all the knowledge and practice you need to pass your exams.



You can view our pricing and course features via the pricing table below.