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If you are new to IT, you may not know how or where to get started, and that’s ok. Starting a new career or
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IT Careers Pay 1

How much do you make, right now?

Did you know, the average IT Professional in their mid-career makes double the average US household income? (1)

This holds true internationally, as well. In Latin America, for example, IT Professionals made nearly 4 times their peers in other industries.

Today, Information Technology Consultants in the US make an average of $96,000 a year, with other IT professionals making similar.

Network Administrators and Technology Specialists make on average $79,000, and Software Engineers between $96,000 and $108,000, according to compTIA.(2) Industry wide, the average salary for IT professionals was $87,000, in 2016. (12)

In almost every region, IT Professionals are compensated excellently, with higher than average starting salaries, and generally better overall compensation packages compared to other industries.

In addition. IT Professionals generally obtain raises and promotions faster than their peers, and IT Managers generally make more than managers in other departments, across the board.

As a member of the IT industry, you will be valued for your contributions, and have the chance to work at companies rated highest in employee satisfaction. (3)

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The Fastest Growing Industry In The World 2

Technology is everything.

While other industries struggle in economic downturns and struggle to quickly grow in changing markets, the tech industry has stayed strong.

Layoffs? During the “Great Recession”, the Silicon Valley was hiring more employees at a rate of 2% a year, adding 20,000 jobs in 2007 alone. (4)

In fact, even as other industries fail or become threatened by fickle markets (retail), IT has maintained rapid growth; coming in as the #1 fastest growing industry worldwide in 2017, according to Forbes (5).

In 2016, while the average sales growth in most industries was 6.8%, Information Technology grew by 18%. Today in 2017, the information technology industry is estimated to grow to become a $3.4 trillion industry, worldwide.

Technology is the future, it is the cornerstone of the modern economy. It has, and is continuing to transform the way businesses function in every way:

  • Online data collection is now integral to marketing
  • All documents are being moved from physical, paper copy to the cloud
  • Data security is now more important than ever; with over 1,000 data breaches last year alone. (9)
  • From banking to design, marketing to construction, digital data solutions are now integral to business.

Information Technology has a bright future, and a career in IT promises not just a job for tomorrow, but a career with limitless options.

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Employers Are Looking For IT Certified Candidates 3

Whether you have a degree or not, you can find an awesome job in IT, fast.

As of 2016, there were over half a million unfilled IT positions in the United States alone. (10)

Globally, studies by Manpower Group reported that over 36% of international employers reported difficulty filling positions; specifically in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and other IT fields. (11) These statistics are set to increase; as the world economy grows and the technology industry continues to expand.

One of the largest difficulties for employers worldwide is finding qualified candidates to fill IT positions. While demand is high for qualified IT professionals, not enough have been trained to meet the need. Employers are looking for candidates who bring demonstrable skills to the table. Finding these candidates is a remarkable challenge for recruiters and employers.

According to CompTIA’s study, “HR Perception of IT Training and Certification”:(6)

  • 93% of employers experienced difficulty finding IT candidates with technical certifications or other education background.
  • 91% of employers looked specifically for candidates with IT related certificates.
  • 71% of employers require IT certificates from job applicants.

No wonder Robert Blanchard, Director of Support Services at Aspen Skiiing Services Co, said “The person with the certification is the one that is going to be hired”.

Tech companies of today care less about traditional credentials (degrees from a four year college), and more about what skills candidates can bring to the table. One of the best ways to acquire and demonstrate those skills to employers are via industry recognized certificates.

Sam Ladah, head of talent organization for IBM calls this push by the IT industry the rise of “the New Collar”. IBM, like other IT companies, respects candidates with reputable certifications and training programs on their resume, in some cases even prioritizing them over candidates with other educational backgrounds.

Certifications and other industry-specific courses can be completed on your own time, quickly, and cheaply. This makes them an excellent option if you’re trying to “break into” the industry, or switch fields within it. The important thing is to find certificates that line up with the IT job you desire, and get credentials from reputable vendors.

Don’t know where to start? Take our Career Finder quiz to find the perfect IT job for you and start your career today!

The Many Faces Of IT 4

The professionals working in the IT industry come from many backgrounds and circumstances. Diversity makes teams stronger: giving you the opportunity to combine your unique perspective with those of your colleagues to create the ideal solution. In IT, diversity is valued for this reason.

From the Ivy League to the streets of Mumbai, your IT colleagues each will have a unique story. What do they all have in common? A passion for solutions; a passion for technology. This is what IT is all about: diverse people coming together to make great things happen.

IT employers, in general, are increasingly open to diversity; with recruitment and mentorship programs targeted for minorities and women. While traditionally the wage and employment gap has hurt women and minorities in most professional fields, IT employers are some of the most active in correcting this. In a recent Atlassian report, 75% of tech companies were reported to have diversity programs in place, and a majority of executives said that “diversity was vital to their company”. (13)

When you start your IT career, you will join the ranks of the brightest minds of this generation. Every gender, every identity, every race, every culture; with only one thing mattering at the end of the work day: the results you created together.

These are the values that the IT industry was founded on, and these are the values of your future employers and colleagues in IT. Above all; it is results that matter in IT, not the characteristics of the person who obtained them. This reason alone should be enough to make you excited about your IT career prospects.

Inclusion, diversity, cooperation; want to be part of a team that values the same things you do? Find your perfect IT career with this quiz, and join the community today!

There's An IT Career That's Right For You 5

From help desk support and system analytics, to network administration and app development, the fields within IT are as diverse as the people who work in them.

IT personnel work in a myriad of businesses, in both front facing and behind the scenes roles. Whether you thrive in the spot light, or you would prefer to be the go-getter who keeps things running in the background, there is an IT career that would be perfect for you.

Getting in the IT Industry is a massive opportunity for finding a fulfilling career, matched to your unique talents and abilities.

As proof: in a recent IT Industry study, over 85% of respondents reported high levels of job satisfaction. (7) In the IT industry, you’ll have the opportunity to specialize; working on projects that you value, doing work that you enjoy.

Do you like being hands on, in the nitty gritty, fixing a problem? There’s an IT career for you!

Always wanted to build an expansive solution that changes lives and betters the world? There’s an IT career for you, as well!

No matter what kind of person you are or the type of work you enjoy, there is an IT career perfectly suited for you. With literally thousands of sub-fields, the IT industry is one of the most expansive and interesting industries you can be a part of. Why just “have a job”, when you can work in IT? Give yourself a reason to be excited every morning, and start your IT career today!

We made it easy for you to find your ideal IT career. This quiz calculates the best IT field for you based on who you are. Take it, free, today!

What Does It Take To Get Into IT? 6

Information Technology is the backbone of modern business, and companies across the globe are rapidly adopting digital solutions for all their data.

According to a Harvard Business School study, over the past 15 years “digital assets across the entire economy have doubled… and digital usage grew fivefold” (13). This trend is set to continue, with more and more sectors of the economy digitizing and beginning to rely on computer technology to facilitate business.

Skilled IT professionals are the people who make all of this possible.
Successful companies generally have workforces that are 13 times more digitally engaged than competitors, and look for technology skills as a precondition to hiring for many roles (13). This may seem daunting, however, it is way easier than you would think to gain the skills you need to succeed and get hired. Surprisingly, the process is extremely simple; you just need to get the necessary skills and be able to demonstrate them to employers.

This brings us to the degree vs. skill debate; while degrees are useful and in most cases ideal, they are not always necessary in today’s economy. The bottom line is that employers are looking for candidates with tangible skill, not just the rubber stamp of a degree. Whether you are in the industry already and are seeking to improve your career, or are in a different industry and want to get “in”, you can get the skills you need quickly and cheaply.

So how can you do this, really?

Certifications are the answer. Certifications are the leading path to employment in IT; with many companies preferring candidates with certifications over candidates without, and others requiring certifications from all candidates as a condition of employment.

The right certification, from the right vendor will open up doors of opportunity for you in IT, like in no other industry. While some industries take years of study and work to just obtain a low-level, entry position, IT is different. In fact, you can get into IT in 3 easy steps.

Landing an Awesome Tech Job in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Find your ideal career
  2. Get Certified
  3. Get Hired

Creating a successful IT career is as easy as 1-2-3!

Find out which IT career is right for you by taking the quiz.