New to IT

If you are new to IT, you may not know how or where to get started and that’s ok.  Starting a new career or changing fields is not always easy, but at SkillsBuild Training, we will help guide you.

Explore the 5 Steps to Launch a Career in IT below.  Our career roadmaps will also give you information on the  IT career paths available to you.

Why Get Certified

There is an ever-increasing demand for candidates to fill IT jobs, and employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate their skills and experience.

Starting a career in IT goes beyond getting industry training.  88% of employers believe it’s important to test after training to confirm the knowledge you received.

Gaining an IT certification gets you ahead and you will stand out from the crowd.  It makes it easier for employers to hire you because certifications indicate to them that you can work hard and meet a goal.

It also demonstrates that you have the relevant expertise for the job, and for most IT jobs, certification is a must.

Employers have found that certified employees work smarter and stay at their position longer.

Employees who hold IT certifications are:

  • More confident
  • More knowledgeable
  • Reach job proficiency quicker
  • Are more reliable
  • Perform at a higher level

Getting yourself certified is the best way to future proof your IT career.

Click here to explore our IT career paths to learn more about the different IT certifications available through SkillsBuild Training.